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What is a premarital agreement or also known as a prenuptial agreement (“prenup”)?

A premarital agreement is a written contract between two people who intend to marry that affects their financial rights and obligations while they are married, if they separate or divorce, or when one of them dies. In a premarital agreement, a couple can agree to alter the rights and obligations they otherwise would have to each other as spouses.

Problems a Prenup Can Resolve

Preserving Assets during Marriage and on Divorce

  • You want to avoid an expensive and contentious court fight over property if your marriage fails.

  • You want to keep the assets you entered the marriage with if you divorce.

  • You have income that you regularly invest. You want the investments and any earnings your investments generate to remain your separate property.

  • You or your parents have furnished the down payment on a home for you and your spouse. You want to make sure the down payment is returned to you if the marriage fails.


  • You don’t want to pay alimony.

  • You are willing to pay alimony, but you want the amount to be predictable.

  • You are the less wealthy spouse and want to ensure you will receive reasonable alimony.


  • You are concerned about your prospective spouse’s spending habits and want to protect yourself from liability for his or her debts.

Retirement Accounts

  • You want to keep all your retirement savings should you divorce.

Keeping Assets in the Family

  • You want to keep an heirloom or other assets in the family should you divorce or die before your spouse.

  • You are expecting to receive an inheritance that you want to pass to your children or other family members.

  • You want to leave all or a substantial portion of your estate to children from a prior marriage or relationship.


Business Owners

  • You want to be able to manage your business free from your spouse’s interference.

  • You want to prevent your spouse from acquiring an interest in your business that you will have to buy out if you divorce.

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